Safety is our #1 priority. This is reflected in our course design, construction, training, inspections and participant education as further explained below. Whether you decide to zip with us or someone else, we encourage you to become familiar with the course’s safety standards and ongoing procedures.

Industry Standards

The Association of Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) sets the safety standards that we follow. As a company, we actively participate in this association in an effort to improve and expand the current standards and also to encourage all other owner/operators of zipline tours to also adhere to the safety standards. Our course was designed to meet or exceed these standards, as well as ongoing procedures.


We have our zipline course inspected by an independent “qualified inspector annually (as defined by ACCT). Additionally, the course is inspected after a specified amount of usage, which is usually every two weeks, by our specially trained personnel. Before any participant enters our courses each day, they are inspected by our trained guide and crew personnel. All equipment is also closely inspected every day prior to use.


Our zipline tour guides all receive extensive training consisting of a multi-day, hands on course training of; on-course training, rescue training and technical book training. Prior to working on the course, they must pass a written assessment test, an on-course practical assessment and rescue assessment. All tour guides and crew personnel are First Aid and CPR certified.

Emergency Action Plan

In the event there is an occurrence that requires immediate attention, we have an Emergency Action Plan in place. This is a written plan, that all company personnel are trained to know and execute.

Further Questions

If this does not answer all your questions regarding safety on the course, please feel free to give us a call.